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It's a big day and you're going to have plenty of questions. I've created this resource to provide some answers.

Always feel free to contact me to ask more.

Do you only shoot weddings? - My focus is weddings, but I have done a fair number of Mitzvahs. I also cover more intimate affairs like city hall weddings and elopements for a reduced fee. Email me a description of your event and I'll customize something for you.

How many pictures do you make in a day? - There's no hard and fast rule, but it ranges from 2,500 to 3,500. These are edited down to about 500 to 700 images or proofs. These proofs will be delivered digitally for you to download. I also provide a service where you can have your favorites professionally printed.

How much time do you need to shoot? - Here's what I recommend as a rule of thumb in order to get the best result. It is important to set aside the proper amount of time for each event.

Arrival and Location Scouting - I like to arrive one hour prior to your make up being complete. I use this time to scout the location and create detail shots of your dress, shoes, rings, etc. 
Bride Getting Ready - One hour
Groom Getting Ready - One hour
Couples "First Look" - 45 Minutes. Traditionally, it's a private affair between the couple. It will be the first time you see each other that day. You'll be in your dress and he'll be in his suit just moments away from the ceremony. This is one of my favorate, raw emotional moments.
Family Formals - How long this takes really depends on the number of seperate groupings of bridal party, family, extended family and friends you may require. Keep in mind it can take up to three minutes to set up and pose each group. I recommend a clear plan, and a pre-determined number of set ups, or this can go on and create timing problems later. Also know I will need to have a member from each family who will be able to help round up family members to make things run smoothly and on time. 
Romantics - One hour. After the ceremony and family formals we get to walk away from all the excitement and spend some time making those wonderful romantic images you see on my site. If this is scheduled at  a time of day when the sun is too high in the sky we can always opt for a custom lit set up in the evening. Pleae allow an additonal 30 minutes to set up for this kind of shot. 

Will we need a second photographer? - It is not necessary as I'm capable of shooting an entire wedding or event myself. However, especially in the case of a wedding, if your timeline is set up in such a way as to prohibit me from being able to capture the both of you getting ready, or the getting-ready locations are in two distant locations, then I would need a second photographer, or shooter. Second shooters will also allow for images from a different perspective. 

Do you provide video coverage? - I do not, but I do know some very good videographers to whom I can pass your information. If you decide to hire one of your own, please hire a professional. Although a non-professional can usually produce adequate work, they may not know to abide by a certain etiquette. For example, I know to stay out of the way when the videographer needs to pan across the room, and likewise a professional would not suddenly step into the center of the aisle during the ceremony and obscure the view such as when the rings are being placed on your fingers!

Do we get full-sized, un-watermarked images? - Yes. I deliver the collection digitally along with your album, after final payment. 

Should I feed the photographer(s)? - Yes, please! It is best that a meal is provided at the same time as your guests, or right before if it is buffet style. This way I can be ready for what's next before your guests are done. 

Can we use images on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram? - Yes to all those. I highly encourage you to "like" my fan page on Facebook, tag me on Twitter, Pinterest and other social media. Use #theronphotography as your hashtag. 

Are you insured? - Yes. If your venue requires an insurance binder, please let me know and I will be happy to provide the details. 

Do you retouch? - Yes. I do a minor retouch to every, single image. This means I crop, adjust color, contrast, as well as correct minor blemishes as necessary. 

What if I require major retouching like removing a whole person? - I can make that happen although that kind of major touchup is contracted out; there will be a seperate hourly rate involved.

Uncle Bob has a great camera and also wants to shoot. Is that okay? - Yes. I have no problem with family or guests bringing their cameras and taking snap shots so long as they do not interrupt our sessions or try to help me pose you. I also ask that during the ceremony, they remain seated and out of aisles. Please note, Theron Photography will be the only person/group hired to shoot still images of your event. 

We're running late, can you stay? - Yes. I'm never going to leave you hanging at the end of the agreed-upon time. We can never predict what actually happens on the day: Traffic can hold up key members of the wedding party, etc. If anything happens to delay the timing of the event and we are unable to catch up, I will ask you when it comes to within one-half hour of the end time if you would like me to stay. You will then be charged the extra hour(s) as per the contract. I will round up to the closest 15 minutes.

We've decided to book you, what's the nest step? - Easy! I'll send over two documents, Wedding packages and Wedding Contract. Please read, complete, sign and return it to me. Also include a 50% retainer. Weddings are booked on a first-come first-served basis. I always advise clients to book far in advance. If you have a Mitzvah please contact me directly and I will prepare a seperate contract. 

Is my retainer refundable? - It is not. Your retainer is a guarantee that the day is yours, which also means I have turned away other potential clients. 

How long does it take to receive my proofs/images? - Six to eight weeks after the wedding. You'll get an email at the same time with a link to the rest of the images that will be live within 48 hours. 

How do we start designing our photo album or book? - Good question. Though the private "Client Proofs" portion of site, while viewing your images, just click on the star to identify which images you love. The book I design will require a minimum of 20 pages with approximately two to three images per pagespread. Anything more will look cluttered. When you are done, we can discuss size options. Once size is established, I will send you a link with a custom layout. This takes approximately two weeks. 

Binding options are numerous and I will send you information to help you decide. I will also be available for face-to-face consultations at the rate described in my contract. 

Thank you. - There are a lot of options out there, so thank you for taking the time to look through my work.